40 Day Revolution

If not now, when? The Talmud

The purpose of our 40 Day program is to lead you into your own personal revolution. As you start to align your mind with the Laws of Transformation in Part One, you will start to see that the transformation happens naturally:

  • You will lose weight, if that is what needs to happen;
  • You will become less reactive and more calm;
  • Your bad habits will start to release their grip on you.
  • You will discover that external changes happen when we adjust the inner workings of our minds — when we adopt a philosophical foundation that gives our growth greater purpose and meaning.

Each week includes:

  • A yoga practice to do every morning
  • Principles to cleanse your diet along with eating plan
  • Instructions to begin and deepen a meditation practice
  • Excavation questions to root out limiting beliefs and patterns

Weekly themes:

  • Week 1 – Presence
  • Week 2 – Vitality
  • Week 3 – Equanimity
  • Week 4 – Restoration (Juice fast begins)
  • Week 5 – Centering
  • Week 6 – Triumph
  • Day 40 – SHINE ON

Program includes:

  • 6 weeks of unlimited yoga classes ($250 value)
  • Weekly Life Coaching
  • 6 weekly meetings led by Lesley
  • Instruction on Daily Meditation
  • Weekly Nutrition Plan with Recipes with a nutritionist
  • Journaling and Spiritual Guidance with life coach
  • Class Podcasts
  • 3-day fruit fast guide
  • Private Facebook Group for Ongoing Support and Group Connecting
  • Breakthrough Bash at the End

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