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New to Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga?

Welcome! You are about to embark on a journey that can change your life. Curiosity and a desire to feel better brought us all to our mats. The amazing transformation that a regular yoga practice offers has kept us here. But it all starts with the first class. Just as you wouldn’t expect to learn a musical instrument or a new language with one class, you can’t expect to learn the Vinyasa flow after one practice. So go easy on yourself and stay open minded. You have taken the first step, now all you have to do is show up! And remember, relax and breathe – its just yoga!

What is Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga?

The word Vinyasa means “breath-synchronized movement.” In a Vinyasa flow students move smoothly from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale. Hot power yoga does not follow a set series of poses. Therefore, depending on the instructor our hot power yoga class can vary widely from one to the next. What each class has in common is an emphasis on strength and flexibility. If you like to move, stretch and sweat then Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga is right for you.

I have never done yoga before, where do I start?

You are safe and welcome to begin in any of our Power Vinyasa classes. All classes are appropriate for beginners through advanced students, so leave your ego at the door and approach yoga with an open mind and heart. bCalm Power Yoga is a safe and fun environment where you can “step out of your box” and change your life through yoga.

What and when to eat?

Yoga is best done on an empty stomach so do not eat anything 2 hours prior to class. If you are starving try some fruit (grapes or melons are best) and Coconut Water can curb the cravings and get you through class.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

This is hot yoga and you will sweat. Hydration is key to avoid dizziness or fatigue during class. Ideally you want to drink 8 – 10 glasses of water (8 oz per glass) the day before and the day of the class. At least 2 hours prior to exercise you want to consume 16 oz of water or fluid without caffeine.

Why the heat?

The heat is beneficial for numerous reasons:

  • The heat allows us to get into postures more deeply and effectively, allowing for a greater range of movements in joints, muscles and ligaments. When your muscles and connective tissue become more elastic you allow for greater flexibility with less chance of injury.
  • Sweating promotes detoxification and elimination through the skin – which is the body’s largest eliminating organ
  • Just as when your body raises its temperature to fight infection, the raised temperature in the room will assist in improving T-cell function and the proper functioning of your immune system
  • Your body burns fat more effectively in the heat.
  • Your metabolism speeds up the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids.
  • Practicing hot yoga strengthens willpower, self-control, concentration and determination by challenging you on your mat.
  • A great cardiovascular workout.

What do I wear?

Snug clothing that you are comfortable sweating in. Women typically wear yoga pants or shorts with a workout top or sports bra. Men wear running shorts and a snug shirt (sleeveless is good) that won’t get in the way of practice.

How many times a week should I practice?

As a new student it is important to create a discipline so try to get to the studio as often as you can. This will help with muscle soreness and stiffness. Yoga is not like other forms of exercise so there is no danger of “overtraining” as long as your practice is balanced. The more you do, the better you’ll look and feel, the stronger you’ll become, and the brighter you’ll shine. Yoga is all about moving energy, and when you don’t do it, the energy becomes stagnated. It’s a simple but crucial rule that for any level of transformational success you must develop the spirit of repetition and consistency. We recommend new yogi’s to practice 2-3 times a week.

Do you have showers/changing areas?

Yes – bCalm has changing areas, showers and shower amenities available for you to use.

What to bring?

Water, mat, towels & a smile. No mat? No problem – we offer mat and towel rentals for $2.00 and sell water for $1. Smiles are free too.

What to expect?

There will be times in class that you may have doubts about your physical and mental strength. You may even think to yourself “I don’t know if I can make it through this class.” But somehow, you’ll keep going. And after class you will feel better than you can ever remember. And the next day, you find yourself rearranging your schedule to make another hot yoga class, because that feeling of “yoga euphoria” is like nothing else. Then you take that strength, patience and inner peace from your mat to your everyday life. And the transformation of yoga into your everyday begins….