When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills. Chinese Proverb

People come to yoga for many different reasons:

  • You might be hoping to become stronger or more flexible.
  • You might be an athlete who needs to cross train and reverse some of the damage present in those areas you over train.
  • You might be a mom wanting to get back in shape.
  • You might simply be overworked, overtired, living a high stress lifestyle and be looking for a way to relax.
  • Maybe you’re carrying a lot around with you from your past and you would like to begin shedding that weight.
  • At bCalm Yoga, you will discover the joys of yoga and the profound benefits of a regular practice.

Our Approach

  • Each of our Power Yoga classes is suitable for ALL LEVELS. All classes are taught in a heated room to help cleanse the body and warm the muscles.
  • Classes are inspired by the Baptiste Method of Power Vinyasa yoga. This powerful, energetic, playful flowing class has a strong emphasis on breath and allows beginners, intermediate and advanced students to be challenged in the same room.
  • Vinyasa Yoga follows the flow of breath through sequences of interweaving asanas (postures) that continue to grow, expand, and evolve. Vinyasa Yoga (also called “Flow” or “Power”) is a popular, evolving form of traditional hatha yoga that focuses on integrating breath, movement, strength and flexibility.

Our Promise

  • To honor and share the knowledge that comes from the various lineages of yoga
  • To provide excellent teachers who are formally certified, knowledgable and genuinely interested in our students’ needs and well being
  • To offer classes and workshops that are challenging but also nurturing and playful
  • To encourage a non-competitive, positive approach to yoga that honors each individual’s unique path to physical health and well being