Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga

Our teacher, mentor & inspired method of practice

For more than twenty years, Baron Baptiste has been an impactful teacher, trainer, leader and catalyst in the realm of personal growth. Baron has impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people from dozens of countries with his best-selling books, video/audio products, public speaking engagements,live trainings and workshop presentations and appearances. Baron’s books have been published and translated into more than 12 languages globally.Baron Baptiste was born into a lineage and heritage of health, yoga and spiritual educators.

Baron was bred to teach and educate. He’s a man of much life experience in life transformation, self-development education, yoga philosophy and practice. Intimately familiar with its pitfalls and its power, Baron, an intelligent and deliberate man, holds himself with a dignified mindfulness and positive aura. In 2006 Yoga Journal Magazine said: “If there were a royal family of American yoga, Baron Baptiste would certainly be a prince.” It’s clear that Baron has exactly what it takes to continually transform the face of yoga in America and build powerful bridges from the wisdom of the east into the spiritually starved west. Couple his own true-life hardships, transformations and accomplishments with his knack for expressing words that create new worlds for people and his ability to deliver a methodology that provides individuals and groups with a means to design new contexts and paradigms in body and mind – both on-and-off the yoga mat. More so than any other form of health and fitness, yoga practice is all about our transformation and our life stories.

These life stories represent our unique everyday struggles as well as our more grand hopes for personal power, authentic health and manifesting a life that has energy and authenticity. Baron, as educator, brings enlightening distinctions that help us drop the negative steam from our stories which helps us build new worlds into new possibilities. Being ahead of the times, Baron was once yoga’s greatest sensationalist. Now he’s its leading pragmatist. The traditional yoga community along with yoga purists cannot deny the magnetism and magnitude of his message and methodology.